Growth Promoter
Composition Amino Acid 40% hormones Enzymes, Q.S Green gold – 40 is a bio stimulant containing 40% Amino acid and enzymes, it includes more flowering and fruiting , it helps plant for higher photosynthesis, more branching , dark greenery , develops resistance against fungal and bacterial diseases, it has a major role in fruits. Spray during early vegetative growth, flowering and fruit development stages. It improves uptake and translocation of macro and micro nutrients. It enhances crop vigor. Amino acid is the natural building block of the protein synthesis. Green Gold – 40 provides 18 essential amino acid, which require for the protein synthesis. Protein requires for the fruit setting and new tissue development, include flowering and reduce fruit dropping , improves fruit size and quality, improve nutrition uptake and their utilization.
Dose 1 to 2 ml. per ltr of water .
Packing 250 ml, 500 ml ,1 ltr.