Nitrobenzene 20% Granule
Composition Nitrobenzene -20% ,Amino Acid-5%, Silicon -20% , Fulvic Acid-1%. Green – 20% is a research based product in granule from containing 20 % nitrobenzene. It is plant energizer , flowering stimulant and yield booster. It enhances the plant canopy induces profuse flowering stimulant and yield significantly mix 1-2 kg Green 20 G with required send and broadcast of placement an one acre crop likes Wheat, Paddy, Cotton ,Banana , Grapes , Chilies , Soybean , Sugarcane , Onion , Pluses and Oil Seeds Fruits and Flowering Crops at once at based pplication and other at 30 days before flowering and once again at the time of flowering.
Dose 1 to 3 kg per acre.
Packing 1 kg.