Sticker , Spreader , Activator
Composition Stick All is used in every spray of insecticides/ Fungicides. It improve dispersing and spreading quality of spray. It can be used with soluble fertilizer used in drip irrigation. Stick All decreases the contact angle of water droplet to any surface like leaf, soil etc. so increase the spreading of the droplet on the leaf during the pesticide spray. Stick all is helpful as a sticking agent and activator (penetration enhancer ). Most pesticides formation used as a water soluble spraying method, so there must be high penetration capacity of pesticide. Stick all increase the penetration of the pesticide , fungicide and herbicide / weedicide. Action: 1. Increases rain fastness of pesticide. 2. Reduces dose of pesticide , fungicide. 3. Increases effectiveness of pesticide , fungicide and herbicide.
Dose 100 ml per 200 ltr. Water 1 ml for 1 ltr of water .(For Foliar Spray Application)
Packing 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml ,1 ltr .