Liquid Nutrients Mixture
Composition Size Plus is a combination of amino acid carbozylic acid , Folic acid , Fulvic acid , Harmones ,Proteins, Enzymes.It covers the plant by supplying essential nutrients and vitamins, it includes more flowering and fruiting , also prevents shedding of buds, flower and increase yield. Its major role in fruits size development in all fruit crops. Also includes color and shining in the fruits. Size Plus is a micro nutrient source supplying nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and other mineral and nutrition for the crops and also contains alkaloids and terpenoids for pest control. Herbal based oil present in the Size Plus act as a repellent to whitefly and other sucking pest. Size Plus is useful as nutrition source as well as immunity booster for pest resistance. For best result and effectiveness use as a preventive or pre treatment before attack of pest.
Dose 1 to 2 ml per lit. of water
Packing 1 ltr , 5 ltr.